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    Time to Join TNCN or Renew Your Membership for 2020!

    To start the new year, TN-China Network (TNCN) has made several changes to our individual and company membership platform. First, we are shifting our membership renewal schedule from rolling renewals to calendar year renewals to make it easier for everyone to remember when is time to renew.

    Join or renew now for 2020, and get the rest of 2019 for free!

    We have also changed up our membership and sponsorship options by folding sponsor benefits into our annual membership packages.

    Now you can get a happy hour sponsorship as part of your corporate membership!

    To give members more benefit options from the network, we have diversified our membership levels.

    Check out our new Small Business, Investor, and Sustainer level memberships.

    We also have new member benefits.  

    Get a 25% discount to SupChina Access

    (Student level and above)

    Gain access to TNCN WeChat Groups

    (Student level and above)  

    Have your company highlighted in a member profile on our e-newsletter/blog

    (Small Business level and above)

    Display your company promotional materials at ALL TNCN events!

    (Sustainer level)  

    Check out the new ways you can benefit from TNCN and Join Today!

    Click here to learn more

    P.S. Educational Institutions, we love you too! You will benefit from the new SupChina and WeChat benefits, but all your other member benefits are still tailored specifically to your school. Stay tuned for future updates. For more info on Educational Institution Memberships, visit our website or email erowland@tnchinanetwork.org.

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