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    Tennessee Plans to Open New Investment Recruitment Office in China

    WPLN interviewed Tennessee State Economic and Community Development (ECD) Commissioner Randy Boyd about ECD’s plans to open multiple investment recruitment offices around the world, starting with one in Seoul, South Korea this year, and eventually adding one in northern Italy, one in southern Germany, and one or two in China.

    “Businesses in Italy or in China don’t know that much about Tennessee. They may not even be able to find us on a map, so just hoping that they might show up at our door one day and decide to locate here is pretty unrealistic,” he says.

    He says it helps to have people there full-time. “We can do mission trips, but just sending over people for one or two weeks a year is not going to be terribly effective,” he says.

    For more from the article or to listen to the radio broadcast, visit the WPLN website.



    • Carl Wei
      April 11, 2017 at 11:52 am / Comment Reply

      Hi there,

      My University’s (in China) classmate who is working for a Chinese famous automotive company asks me to help him look for a location for the investment in USA(will set up a company to assemble vehicle (car/SUV/ etc) in USA and then sell them all over the world).

      I do not know if there is any incentive program available in Tennessee. Or Would you mind sending me information about why he should invest in Tennessee not South Carolina or other states? Or we can make an appointment to talk about it.

      I am working in Hartsville, Tennessee now as a professional engineer. That is why I would like him to invest in Tennessee.

      Best regards,

      Carl Wei

      • Elizabeth Rowland
        April 18, 2017 at 10:51 am / Comment Reply

        Thank you for your message! If you wouldn’t mind sending me a message via our Contact Us page, then we can exchange contact info privately and find time to chat about your inquiry. https://tnchinanetwork.org/contact-us/ Thank you and have a great week! Elizabeth Rowland

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