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    SUSTA Trade Missions to China in 2019

    The Southern United States Trade Association (SUSTA), a non-profit organization that helps small companies in the Southern United States promote value-added US food and agricultural products to overseas importers, has upcoming trade mission trips scheduled for mainland China and Hong Kong.

    SUSTA provides companies a 50% cost share for all the below trade shows. This allows participants to request 50% reimbursement of the participation fee, travel costs for up to two company representatives (flight, hotel, meals and incidentals), and promotional giveaway items.

    China is an especially important export destination for American agriculture and food producers, as US exports to China in this category amount to $24.11 billion, according to SUSTA’s website. SUSTA emphasizes that Chinese consumers are purchasing an increasing amount of high-quality products. Upper middle class and affluent households have increased in number, and younger consumers tend to consume more. In addition, e-commerce has become far more widespread. Chinese consumers are purchasing more and different types of food, such as tree nuts (like pecans), dairy, pork, wine and beer.

    US exports of food and seafood are on the rise. SUSTA trade missions to China are one way for Tennessee consumer food product companies to tap into this growing market.

    China Outbound Trade Mission 2019

    SUSTA’s China Outbound Trade Mission is slated for August 11-16 of this year, with travel to Shanghai, Chengdu, and Guangzhou planned.  The registration fee is $400 for those paying before March 11 and $600 for those paying after that date. The registration deadline is May 11, 2019. The trip will allow value-added food and beverage product firms to find ways of introducing their products into the Chinese market.

    Firms will be given a briefing on the Chinese market as well as meetings with pre-qualified buyers. Participants will be reimbursed their airfare or lodging according to the federal per diem rate, as well as provided with interpreter services and in-country transportation to meeting locations. Firms will be permitted to bring up to 100 pounds of samples with them. The trade mission will focus on food sectors including the produce, nut, canned goods, snack foods, and other sectors.

    Seafood Asia

    Seafood Expo Asia is a trade show to be held September 3-5 in Hong Kong. The registration deadline is June 3. The participation fee is $1,255 for those registering before April 3, and $1,455 for those registering after that date.

    The fee includes a furnished 100 square foot booth space in the USA pavilion, five co-exhibitor badges per company, a professional chef to prepare the product, cold storage, a market briefing, and an allowance of up to 100 pounds of shipping between the US and Hong Kong.

    Asia Fruit Logistica 2019

    Asia Fruit Logistica 2019 will be held from September 4-5 in Hong Kong. This show plays a key role in the fruit and vegetable supply chain. In 2017, the expo attracted over 13,000 top decision makers from 76 countries. The US was the third largest supplier of fresh fruit to Hong Kong in 2017, accounting for 15% of Hong Kong’s fresh fruit imports. Hong Kong consumers are increasingly interested in premium fruits from the US.

    The registration deadline for the trade show is June 4. The fee is $2,748 if payment is made before April 4 and $2,948 if it is made after April 4. The fee includes booth space and standard furniture, market briefing and tour, and up to $500 reimbursement for shipping sample products.

    Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Fair 2019

    Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Fair 2019 will take place November 7-9 in Hong Kong. Hong Kong consumers are increasingly aware of different types of wines. Consumers have been shifting from premium French wines to middle level wines, such as American wines. The fair will also provide a venue for promoting beer and other types of spirits. The Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Fair attracts over 20,000 buyers and plays an important role in educating Hong Kong traders.

    The registration deadline for the fair is August 7. If registration is carried out before June 7, the fee is $1,715; if after, it is $1,915. The fee includes a 9 square meter booth and standard furniture, interpreter services, sample shipping of up to 200 pounds, a market briefing and tour, five co-exhibitor badges per company, and cold storage.

    Food Hotel China 2019

    Food Hotel China 2019 will be held from November 12-14 in Shanghai. The focus of the show is on a wide range of products, including natural products, bakery products, snack foods, juices, grocer and canned goods, wine and beer, non-alcoholic beverages, dried food, baby food, breakfast cereals, dairy products, and more.  The registration deadline is August 12, 2019.

    Food Hotel China is a leading trade show. In 2017, the show was attended by over 91,000 buyers and exhibitors from 43 countries attended.  The participation fee for a corner booth space is $1,219 if registering before June 12. The fee includes booth space and furniture, interpreter services, market briefing and tours, and up to 100 pounds of sample products shipped from a US consolidation point to the show.

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