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    Register for the 2018 China International Import Expo (CIIE)

    On November 5-10, 2018, the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China and the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government will be hosting the China International Import Expo (CIIE). The Chinese International Import Expo is a national initiative of Chinese President Xi Jinping, and will be held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai.

    The China International Import Expo will serve as a platform to allow businesses, countries, and regions to connect with potential buyers, distributors, and trade partners. The Expo will provide business networking opportunities and matchmaking, with 150,000 Chinese and foreign professional purchasers from various countries and regions expected to be in attendance.

    Businesses participating in the Expo will have an opportunity to showcase their products, services, and technological advancements in the following industries of focus:


    • Consumer Electronics and Appliances
    • Apparel, Accessories, and Consumer Goods
    • Automobiles
    • High-End Intelligent Equipment
    • Food and Agriculture Products
    • Medical Equipment and Medical Care Products
    • Trade in Service


    There will be three main components to the Expo. The first of these components, the Enterprise and Business Exhibition, will provide an opportunity for US and other foreign businesses to purchase booths to display their products and services, and connect with potential Chinese and international buyers and distributors. The second component, the Country Pavilion for Trade and Investment, is exclusively for countries and regions to showcase their technological advancements in the areas of trade, investment, and tourism. The third component of the Expo, the Hongqiao International Trade Forum, will include several informative seminars focused on international trade and investment.


    The registration deadline for exhibitors is June 30, 2018.

    If you are interested in attending or participating in the Chinese International Import Expo, or if you would like more details, please visit the China International Import Expo website. Visit the online registration page to sign up as an exhibitor.

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