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    “Tennessee Imported $27 Billion of Chinese Made Goods Last Year” – Chattanooga Times Free Press

    On April 7, 2017, TN-China Network’s Executive Director Elizabeth Rowland was quoted in the Chattanooga Times Free Press discussing the impact of potential trade restrictions:

    “But if there were increased restriction on imports, Tennessee consumers and all U.S. consumers would see a dramatic increase in prices that would impact everyone’s wallet,” she said. “I don’t think that the U.S. can expect to put dramatic import tariffs on goods coming into the United States without expecting our trading partners to react with their own import restrictions on our exports. There is a real danger that in the effort to protect our own industry, we might hurt both importers and exporters in our state.”


    Earlier in the article, the article outlines Tennessee’s trade and investment relationship with China, mentioning TNCN’s research on Chinese companies invested in Tennessee:

    TN-China Network, a nonprofit group that works to connect people in Tennessee that do business with China to boost exports to and investments from China, counts more than 35 major manufacturers or distributors from China, Hong Kong or Taiwan.

    To read more, visit the Chattanooga Times Free Press article here.

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