• TN-China Network In the News

    “Project Pengyou Works to Foster International Friendship” – The Daily Beacon

    On August 26, 2015, Heidi Hill with The Daily Beacon wrote about the University of Tennessee-Knoxville (UTK) chapter of Project Pengyou, an organization with a mission to empower and mobilize a new generation of US-China bridge-builders and leaders. In the article, TN-China Network is highlighted as a supporter of Project Pengyou’s UTK chapter.

     “I found that there was a lot of more business here between Tennessee and China than I thought and a lot more than anyone knows about,” Rowland said. “That’s part of the problem — there’s no awareness of how developed the Tennessee-China relationship actually is. And there’s no platform for people for network.”


    “There’s a lot going on right now, and that’s why I decided to create the Tennessee-China Network,” she said. “To help connect the dots”.

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