TN-China Network In the News

“Nonprofit Promotes Business Ties with China” – Knoxville Business Journal

Amy Nolan wrote about TN-China Network and TN-China trade and investment in the December 2015 edition of the Knoxville Business Journal.

While the rate of growth has slowed, global outbound investment from China was still up 47 percent in the first five months of this year, she says.

Twenty-five China-based companies are operating in Tennessee, with a dozen projects announced since 2011. In the Knoxville area, those announcements include Cirrus Aircraft, which will open near McGhee Tyson Airport, and Innovate Manufacturing, which announced its intentions in August to begin operations at a Knox County business park.

Still, the state lags behind some of its Southeastern neighbors, including North Carolina, George, South Carolina and Virginia in capturing Chinese investments.

At the same time, China is Tennessee’s third largest export market — behind Canada and Mexico — and is growing as higher wages lift more people into the middle class. “I’d love to help Tennessee companies figure out how they can tap into those markets,” Rowland says.

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