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    Jamestown Students Learn About China Business Careers and Intercultural Communication

    On September 13, 2019, TN-China Network (TNCN) Executive Director Elizabeth Rowland visited new TNCN Educational Institution Member Alvin C. York Agricultural Institute in Jamestown, TN, to speak with students studying Chinese. They discussed life for an American working in China, China-related jobs in both Tennessee and China, Tennessee-China trade and investment, as well as cultural differences, stereotypes, and intercultural communication between Americans and Chinese.

    Thanks so much to the students’ Chinese teacher Grace Watlington for inviting TNCN to engage with the students!

    Check out below for photos and quotes from some of the students on what they learned.

    “I learned that there are many opportunities for work in China and as a Chinese speaker in Tennessee.”

    “I also learned that Greater China has 50 companies in Tennessee, China is America’s 3rd most export source behind Mexico and Canada.”

     “The dining in China is different than our dining in America. For example, finishing your plate means you didn’t have enough food and need more.”

    “I learned things that are impolite to Americans can be polite to the Chinese.”

     “Treat people right even if they don’t know your language.”

    “Freight forwarders are people who decide if you need your product on a plane or a boat.”

    “Takes 10 years to become fluent in Chinese; 2 documents needed to go to China – passport & visa; Chinese-invested – China owns part of the company; sourcing a product – finding products from other countries; quality control may go check at factories, and check products to make sure it is good”

    “Stereotypes hurt communication (create barriers)”

    TNCN Executive Director speaking to students
    TNCN Executive Director speaking to students

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