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    Donate to TNCN Today and Have Your Gift Matched!

    Dedicated TN-China Network (TNCN) members, Dick and Kate Crawford, have committed to promoting TN-China business and job creation by offering to match any donations you or your company make to TNCN, now through the end of April!

    As a retired senior McDonald’s executive, Dick Crawford knows the importance of the China market for US companies, and wants to see more Tennessee companies and communities like yours succeed in China.

    Through your contributions, more companies, schools, and communities across Tennessee will have access to TNCN’s educational and networking events, online resources, and consulting and training services.

    It’s all about helping Tennesseans “get” China so that we can boost Tennessee exports to and attract investment from China, creating jobs right here at home.

    Become part of TN-China Network’s growing community to promote TN-China trade and investment by joining TNCN today! Dick and Kate will match your donation to TNCN as well as your new or renewing TNCN sponsorship or membership, up to $10,000.

    To learn more about your options and to donate now, visit the donation page on our website.

    Double the impact of your contribution by joining TN-China Network today!



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