• Chinese Investor Welcome Services

    TN-China Network assists Chinese companies investing in Tennessee to quickly integrate into the community and access local resources that can help make their investment a success


    photo of TNCN booth at Knoxville Asian Festival

    TNCN booth at Knoxville Asian Festival August 2016


    TN-China Network (TNCN) provides customized support to Chinese companies investing in Tennessee as well as to the local Tennessee communities that are welcoming them. Whether it is connecting you with Chinese interpreters or experts on US-China trade and investment law, prepping you on key cultural differences to be aware of, or helping you find the most authentic local Chinese restaurant, TNCN is available to answer questions and provide customized packages of support services.

    Below are some of the services TNCN can provide:

    • Referrals of accounting, legal, engineering/construction, real estate, interpretation, and other service providers
    • Suggestions of Chinese cultural resources available in the local community, such as Chinese schools, churches, groceries, restaurants, English classes, etc.
    • Introductions to other Chinese-invested companies and Chinese community leaders in the area
    • Introductions to local business and government leaders in the area
    • Assistance getting Chinese executives and their families settled into appropriate housing and schools
    • Intercultural communication training for staff and management
    • Promotion of job openings on the TNCN blog, e-newsletter, and social media
    • Other assistance as needed


    For more information on TNCN’s Chinese Investor Welcome Services, please contact Elizabeth Rowland at erowland@tnchinanetwork.org or 865-387-7012.