• China Primer Consultation Service

    Jump-start your business with China by scheduling a TNCN China Primer consultation today!


    TN-China Network’s (TNCN) China Primer consultation service provides advice and referrals for Tennessee companies new to business with China as well as for companies seeking to expand or troubleshoot their existing China business.

    Drawing on over 10 years of experience in government policy, law, and business in both the US and China, TNCN’s Executive Director Elizabeth Rowland will sit down with you to discuss your company’s goals related to China and what some of the challenges, opportunities, and next steps might be. She will then make referrals to you of China experts, service providers, and/or other peer companies that can help you take your China business to the next level.

    TNCN Members receive their first hour of China Primer Consultation for free, with a service fee of $100 for each additional hour.

    Visit the Testimonials page of our website to read testimonials from companies who have benefited from TNCN’s China Primer service.

    To schedule a China Primer consultation, please contact Elizabeth Rowland at erowland@tnchinanetwork.org or 865-387-7012.