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    Vanderbilt MBA Student Teams Offering China Business Analysis to Companies

    Vanderbilt Owen School logoDoes your company have a research need related to your business – or potential business – with China? For example, are you thinking of entering the China market and want to know about the market for your product?  Do you need to assess how strong the local China competitors are in your industry?  Do you need research on China’s distribution system for a product you want to export?  Would you like help sourcing a part or product from China?

    Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management is seeking companies interested in collaborating with MBA student teams on analysis of business problems requiring research in Shanghai. Your company provides the project need, students do initial research in the fall, and in early March students travel to China for research interviews, site visits, etc.  After compiling the needed information, students submit a report on their research findings and analysis to your company.

    Companies have been as small as a local pipe manufacturer or party supply company, and as large as Home Depot.

    For a full description of this opportunity, please view the Vanderbilt Owen China Project Course PPT online.

    If you are interest in learning more or want to inquire if your company’s project is feasible for this course, please contact Dr. Ray Friedman as soon as possible at Ray.Friedman@owen.vanderbilt.edu or 615-322-3992.

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