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    Make Your Gift Go Further with Stock Donations and Corporate Donation Matching Programs

    A special thank you goes to Lucia Mar in Nashville for being the first TNCN member to make a stock donation to TN-China Network!

    Stock donations help make a donor’s money go further by avoiding transaction fees and, as described by The Non-Profit Times:

    For appreciated assets, the donor’s initial cash investment was well below the security’s current value. By transferring ownership directly to your nonprofit instead of selling it outright, there is more cash for the organization with less cash flowing out of a donor’s pockets.

    In addition to supporting the programming of TN-China Network, stock donations have great tax benefits for donors, as described by Nolo.com:

    If someone owns stock for more than one year that has gone up in value, that person can donate the stock to a nonprofit, get a deduction equal to the fair market value of the stock at the time of the transfer (its increased value), and never pay capital gains tax on the appreciated value of the stock.

    To make your donation go even further, ask your company to match your cash or stock donation and double the impact your giving can make! Many companies have non-profit donation matching programs that their employees can participate in. Ask your company how to participate today.

    If you have questions about donating to TN-China Network, please contact Executive Director Elizabeth Rowland at erowland@tnchinanetwork.org or at 865-387-7012.

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