Educational Institution Memberships

Universities, colleges, and high schools can join TNCN as an Educational Institution Member and receive the following benefits for your students and faculty. Membership rates vary according to size of school.


China Insights & Services


  • Discounted student/faculty rate for tickets to TNCN events
  • Complimentary China career and job-searching consultations for students
  • One-hour complimentary TNCN China Primer, Chinese student recruiting, intercultural communication, or other consultation service
  • Opportunity for the TNCN Executive Director or another TNCN representative to speak at your school on a topic of your choice, for example:
    • American-Chinese intercultural communication
    • Cultural orientation for new Chinese students/faculty arriving at your school
    • Cultural orientation for American students/faculty traveling to China
    • Overview of the Chinese economy
    • Another China-related topic of your choice
  • Opportunities for your students to intern with TNCN or volunteer at TNCN events


Information & Updates


  • Access to the TN-China Service Provider Directory (due to be published by early 2017)
  • Subscription to the TNCN E-Newsletter for any interested students and faculty




  • University/college/school name listed on TNCN Members webpage, a TNCN Blog post, and a TNCN E-Newsletter thanking new members
  • Priority access for faculty and students to periodic limited-attendance events and meetings, including with delegations from China


To inquire about becoming a TNCN Educational Institution Member, please email